Having trouble choosing the best fillet knife that suits your needs? We’ve done the job for you! After thoroughly testing tons of knives, we’re showcasing our hand-picked top 17 boning knives available in the market in 2017; we’ll not only list the best fillet knives in the segment but also crafted this article as a comprehensive guide alongside the reviews to help you can choose a high-quality fillet knife on your own. Whether you’re an expert in the field of knives or not, after reading this article, you will be able to pick a suitable fillet knife for your needs.

Be it restaurants, fish shops or home kitchen, fillet knives come in handy everywhere. They give you more control in filleting the fish, especially to glide along the backbone and also under its skin. The precise sharpness and grip of the blade are essential for seamless chopping/cutting of meat or fish.

What is a Fillet Knife?

Fillet Knife? Don’t we have just two kinds of knives? A knife for butter and the other one just for cutting is all we need in a house, don’t we? Do we need more than these? Yes, we have different but isn’t that all?

For all those who like to get their hands dirty and feel happy doing it, know the importance of their knives. Even a similar type of knives have similar characteristics which make it hard to choose one over the other but when used, you will definitely prefer the one that suits you. Not having the best boning knife can result in wasted meat, excessive time wasted in filleting and the most serious threat is that of personal injury due to slippage.

The fillet knives are specifically designed to aid people in filleting, deboning and skinning fish and meat. The blade is narrow, sharp and usually flexible to glide through the bone, separating the flesh from the bones. Fillet knives are there so that you don’t swallow bones or scales, and only get meat and not the bones on your plate.

Top 17 Fillet Knives to Get in 2017 | Choosing the Best One

I had been very confused which knife to use when. After years of cooking, I affirm that the fillet knife to be the most helpful, in my arsenal, even though I don’t use them every single day. Having spent considerable time filleting fish using a number of different knives, I can say that Wusthof makes, for me, the very best fillet knife. Built of the best quality metal, this blade simply slices with the skin of meat and glides while you take it off. For me personally, this enables for just one knife to complete the job of three and makes the cooking much smoother, saving me considerable time.